Tuesday, March 8, 2011

The Poetry of Paul Hewson and My Little Girl

Today I am going to be brief. I was listening to some music this morning that brought back some deep memories. The famous Irish poet and musical performer Paul Hewson--better known to the world as "Bono"--has something in common with me. We both have four daughters. The song he wrote for one of his daughters somehow touched me in the days four years ago when Josefina was in the hospital, and I used to sing it to her. Some of you may be familiar with "Original of the Species." At one point he sings:

I'll give you everything that you want 
except the thing that you want....

What this meant to me was that I was willing to give her everything to help prepare her heart for the One Thing that I could not give her, which was (and remains) something beyond even her health: it is the Mystery that her heart is made for, God. He is the "thing," the Reality, the Glory, the Beauty that everyone wants.

Josefina, four and a half years ago, shortly after her first surgery

You are the firstborn of your kind....

Every human being is created to want God and to belong to God in a unique way. And you had been entrusted to me, your poor little helpless father. But you got better, Josefina. I thank the Lord you got better. But you still belong to Him.
Josefina today

You feel like no one before.
You steal right under my door.
I kneel, cause I want you some more
I want the lot of what you got
and I want nothing that you're not.

To each of my girls, and John Paul too, you are always new, you always surprise me, I pray that you grow to be who God wants you to be and nothing else.

Love, Daddy.