Tuesday, May 3, 2011

A Very Ordinary Day

We are back to our routines, after these last two great weeks.

Mommy and the kids go off to Montessori school and the house is quiet. Does that mean I can accomplish more during the day? Not really. I rather like having everyone around.

The Summer will come soon enough.

We have launched into May. Mothers' Day is coming. The following weekend is the college graduation. Then the weekend after is John Paul's Confirmation. Then two weeks or so after that is his birthday.

John Paul will be going into ninth grade in the Fall. We are still trying to decide what to do for his High School education. There are several options. He is a bright fellow, and we want him to be in an environment where he will have formation and freedom.

Now it is night. Children are sleeping. I shall stay up late, as I usually do. I have some reading, and I often do my best reading in these late hours.

There is little to say about this day. It was very ordinary. I prayed and I tried to give myself and to accept with love and patience and gratitude whatever the day offered. I also indulged my vanity, wasted time, and allowed myself to be distracted. A very ordinary day.

I still only see the surface of things. I do not see the possibilities for great love offered by the little things. And almost all of life is little things. The little things call for little virtues like humility and kindness. I am a large and complicated person. I still do not know how to approach small things.

It is, indeed, hard for a rich man to enter the Kingdom of God. "For man it is impossible, but nothing is impossible with God." And so, I live in hope.