Saturday, June 9, 2012

At The Pool

Time seems to move more slowly in these long summer days.

The kids are getting some time at the pool. I was out the other day without a hat, and got a bit of sunburn on the top, in that place where there used to be hair.

Josefina, of course, still has to use the kiddy pool. But she can sit at the shallow edge of the big pool if someone is watching her. Here she is with her big brother, the Fish:

Some people are too shy to be photographed at the pool, but not Teresa. She is working hard on learning how to swim:

There are those who would rather be left in peace at poolside, wrapped in royal towels. "If Daddy thinks he's gonna get a smile out of me, he can just forget it!"

"In fact, I'm going to HIDE!"

But Daddy is persistent, and finally Jojo smiles...sort of:

And we all had a lovely afternoon.