Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Death Opens To Something Completely New

But how do we Christians respond to th[e] question of death?
We respond with faith in God,
with a look firm with hope
founded on the Death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ.
So death opens to life,
to eternal life,
which is not an infinite doubling of the present time
but something completely new.
Faith tells us that the true immortality to which we aspire
is not an idea, a concept,
but a relation of full communion with the living God:
it is being in his hands, in his love,
and becoming in him one with all our brothers and sisters
that he has created and redeemed,
with the whole of creation.
Our hope, then, rests in God’s love
which shines on the Cross of Christ....
This is life that has reached its fullness,
life in God;
it is a life that now we can only glimpse
as one glimpses calm skies through the clouds.

Benedict XVI (Homily, 11/4/12)