Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Benedict XVI and Us: "A Living Body"

"One can touch what the Church is
– not an organization,
not an association for religious or humanitarian purposes,
but a living body,
a community of brothers and sisters
in the Body of Jesus Christ, who unites us all.
To experience the Church in this way
and almost be able to touch with one’s hands
the power of His truth and His love,
is a source of joy....

"God guides His Church,
maintains her always,
and especially in difficult times.
Let us never lose this vision of faith,
which is the only true vision
of the way of the Church and the world.
In our heart, in the heart of each of you,
let there be always
the joyous certainty that the Lord is near,
that He does not abandon us,
that He is near to us
and that He surrounds us with His love."

Pope Benedict XVI,
from the General Audience of February 27, 2013