Saturday, March 30, 2013

Holy Saturday 2013

Where are you, Jesus?
I can't see you.
It has all been accomplished.
I know that.
Tomorrow is the great Feast.

Why am I still searching for you?
Is this the greatest pain: wanting?
Why do I still "want"?
I want, I want, I want,
its not enough, its not enough.

I know you,
so why am I still looking for you?

Living, and not being finished, is exhausting.

I believe,
I have seen something....
A glimpse that just makes me want more,
makes me expect more from everything.
And I can't control it.

I am dying of this thirst.
And then there is a lance in my heart
that is turning desire into compassion,
and I don't want anyone to be left alone.
I don't want anyone to be left alone.
Is this the greatest pain?

I must leave my room
and run
and search for the dead.

Now I see you!
I see you
and you show me the wounds,
and they are shining.
And you tell me not to be afraid.