Sunday, April 14, 2013

Do We Worship the Lord?

I would like all of us to ask ourselves this question:
You, I, do we worship the Lord?
Do we turn to God
only to ask Him for things,
to thank Him,
or do we also turn to Him to worship Him?
What does it mean, then, to worship God?
It means learning to be with Him,
it means that we stop
trying to dialogue with Him,
and it means sensing that His presence
is the most true,
the most good,
the most important thing of all.

All of us, in our own lives,
and perhaps sometimes unconsciously,
have a very clear order of priority
concerning the things we consider important.
Worshiping the Lord
means giving Him the place that He must have;
worshiping the Lord means stating,
believing – not only by our words – 
that He alone truly guides our lives;
worshiping the Lord means
that we are convinced before Him
that He is the only God,
the God of our lives,
the God of our history.

Pope Francis (April 14, 2013)