Friday, June 7, 2013

Teach Me to Let Myself Be Loved By You

He comes close
and gives us His love with tenderness.
Closeness and tenderness!
The Lord loves us in these two ways,
He draws near and gives all His love
even in the smallest things:
with tenderness.
And this is a powerful love,
because closeness and tenderness
reveal the strength of God’s love.

It is more difficult to let God love us
than to love Him!
The best way to love Him in return
is to open our hearts and let Him love us.
Let Him draw close to us
and feel Him close to us.
This is really very difficult:
letting ourselves be loved by Him.
And that is perhaps what we need to ask
today in the Mass:

"Lord, I want to love You,
but teach me the difficult science,
the difficult habit
of letting myself be loved by You,
to feel You close
and feel Your tenderness!"

May the Lord give us this grace.

Pope Francis,
Homily for Feast of the Sacred Heart

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