Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"What I Wore on Monday": WITH PICTURES!

You may recall that a couple of weeks ago I introduced a new "series" that will henceforth appear at (extremely ir)regular intervals, called What I Wore on Monday. What had begun as a depressing post about my exhaustion and my dysfunctional brain took a turn in the (dare I say?) "humorous" direction when I got the idea to write about my clothes (you can find that post here).

People say,"Gosh he was my teacher
20 years ago and since then I've had ten
kids and gotten a Ph.D. but I still don't
want to call him by his FIRST NAME!" 
As an "Academic Sometimes Work-At-Home Dad" (we use the acronym ASWAHD) my life is lived in a variety of contexts which call for a diverse wardrobe. In public environments I am required to cultivate a style that conforms to my social status as the eccentric old professor. This is relatively simple; its a matter of throwing a tweed jacket over pretty much anything (lately I've gone for polo shirts). Its the "He's-Wearing-That-Because-He's-Thinking-Deep-Thoughts-and-Therefore-Doesn't-Realize..." look.

But I chose Mondays in particular because they pose special occupational challenges. Mondays combine intensive scholarship (e.g. Zzzzzzzzz) with intensive Daddy-ing (i.e. Josefina and I are both home all day). I need an outfit that's comfortable and durable. I need to be sufficiently presentable to be seen from the neck up on Skype, but I also need to be prepared for a variety of At-Home-Daddy tasks, which include scrounging under a bed looking for the video she wants to watch and also being ready, at any moment, to be turned into a Daddy Jungle Gym.

A couple of weeks ago, I described my Monday outfit in great detail, inspired by those heroic Mommy-Bloggers who cook for, home-educate, and give mommy-love to fifteen children aged six and under, scrub every inch of the house every day, shop in thrift stores or even make their own clothes, and still manage to look smashing!


I wanted to put in a good showing on behalf of the Daddy-Bloggers.

I gave an excellent fashionisto description, but readers (including some Mommy-Bloggers) immediately pointed out that I had not included any pictures!

Duh. The pictures are everything. After all, I wanted to encourage Dads everywhere that they too can look good, even under the special home-life pressures that they face (such as, "Where will I take my nap today?" or "What can I still wear even after I've spilled the child's yogurt on it?").

So this time, I've got the pictures to prove the look.

Yesterday, I went with basic grey (blue trimmed collar for the shirt, and a diverse hue for the "exercise pants"). There was a small hole (okay, not small, but not really big either) on the shirt collar, but it didn't matter because it was in the back. I couldn't see it, which meant that no one else would either. Right?

But on to the pictures. Perfect for your At-Home-Dad Monday:

Just to make it clear: Dads at home are REAL MEN.

Thus the top, with "stretch collar" maximum mobility. (And can you even see the hole? See, I told you, the hole is not a problem.) And now the pants, with the camera capturing the grey diversity.

With athletic socks, and another fist pump, I'm ready for the day!

Well, men. There are your pictures. Be inspired. And rest assured Mommies, we've got everything under control. Well... more or less under control, haha:

Josefina! What are you doing?