Saturday, October 28, 2017

Josefina Turns 11 Years Old

When I started this blog she was 4 years old. The other kids were 13, 12, 10, and 8.

Here we are, some seven years later. A lot has happened, or is in the process of happening. Two kids are in college. Another is a senior in high school who spent the first half of this year living in France. Another rides horses and is one test away from a black belt in karate.

Josefina, nevertheless, is not overshadowed by her older siblings. In some ways she's the only "child" left in the house, and she's certainly the smallest person around here. But she can fill a whole room with her personality.

That has always been true.

We're still having the "extended Birthday celebration." Tomorrow, she's going to bake her own birthday cake, and (I hope) we will gather everybody plus "Uncle Walter" for a family party. She's had some fun the past few days with her friends, doing this and that.

Jojo has basically grown up with me always being the one around the house. Though she is certainly a "youngest child" and a "Daddy's girl," she has also been a bright light to me on very dark days.

And she makes a perfect cheese omelet.

We are so proud of her, and so grateful for her.😊

She doesn't often fall asleep cradling the Bible, so I made sure to get a picture of this when it happened earlier this year.

She's still small in size, but she's becoming quite the young lady!

And here's our "comparison picture" of Daddy and Jojo: on the left, in NICU in November 2006. On the right, a recent pic.