Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Pope Francis: To Live in Hope is to Live in Light

"What does it mean to be Christians?
It means to look at the light,
to continue having faith in the light,
even when the world is obscured by night and darkness.

"Christians are not free from darkness,
external and also internal.
They don’t live outside this world,
but thanks to the grace of Christ
received through the rite of Baptism,
they are men and women who are 'oriented':
they don’t believe in darkness, but in the light of the day,
they don’t fall prey to the night,
but they wait for the light of the day;
they are not defeated by death,
but they are eager to be resurrected;
they don’t bend to evil,
because they trust in the infinite possibilities of good.

"And this is our Christian hope,
the salvation given to us by Christ thanks to his light
which is able to save us from darkness.
We are the ones who believe that God is the Father:
this is the light!
We believe that every affection, every friendship,
every good desire, every love,
even the smallest and neglected ones,
one day will find their realization in God:
this is the strength that compels us
to embrace with enthusiasm our daily life;
this is our hope:
to live in hope is to live in light!"

~Pope Francis