Sunday, January 14, 2018

Read from the Bible... Even Just a Little Bit 😊

Even the most casual encounter with the Bible can be fruitful. So if you're moving books around on a shelf and you come across a Bible, open it and read something.

I'm not suggesting any sort of superstitious attempt to find your "fortune" or predict the future by random Bible verses. This attitude is foreign to the receptive openness, the quality of listening, the hunger for the truth that we need to have if we want to be nourished by the Word of God.

Find a familiar or much loved text, or one appropriate for the season of the year. In this situation, what text you choose doesn't matter as much as just taking a moment to encounter God speaking to us.

All of God's Word has relevance for our lives, at any and every moment.

Here is the text of Psalm 62:6-11.

Good words to revisit in these times, in the "afterglow" of the Christmas season, in a new year when we do well to consider once again the foundation of our lives, the source of our hope.

Let us remember, then, to set our hearts not on our own power, wealth, comforts, youth, or any other thing that can so easily change: here today, gone tomorrow. Let us set our hearts on God, our refuge and our strength.

Let us set our hearts on God, who has come to dwell with us.