Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Haha, I Knew This Was Going to Happen!

HAPPY FIRST DAY OF ... uhhh ... ummm ... hmmm ....

Too crazy! Kids (and their mother) had a snow day today, and there's more snow coming tomorrow. The forsythia bush has applied for a transfer to another more stable climate.😜

Update—Wednesday March 21: The "Second Day of Spring" brought the real snowfall, which probably would have been the biggest snowfall of the Winter ... except for the fact that it's not Winter anymore.

The snow is still falling as of 3 PM this afternoon, and it looks pretty from the front porch. (I don't even have the heart to look at the forsythia today.😏) Here's one view of our vicinity:

Another fun thing to do on a day like today—after you've had your fill of being "outdoors" in the snow—is to use some photos as the basis for a digital graphic design.

With a fair bit of labor, I worked up something with a more "remote" feel to it, and a bit of evocative color: