Tuesday, November 27, 2018

Digital Fuzzing and Blobbing and Dabbing

We have been making a lot of graphics and digital art these days, while not doing much writing. The reason is probably that I'm just a little obsessed with it lately.

In any case, I'm trying to make the most of what's left of the seasonal color, before this sort of thing gets really old:

I must say I worked hard on abstractly sculpting that tree and its environs. Meanwhile, photography is capturing the last big yellow maple leaves. This was a few days ago. By now these are already on the ground:

Last week there were still a few trees where the leaves had more or less dried up into a rusty brown while still on their branches. Not very good for photos, but raw material for some fuzzing and blobbing and dabbing with digital tools. This is nice:

One evening we had an exceptionally pretty sky above the Blue Ridge. Even the phone camera could get this look:

Meanwhile, I'm catching up on correspondence, working on articles, reading, and -- of course -- MUSIC! Advent approaches, with time to prepare the heart for Christmas.