Friday, January 11, 2019

Christmas Ornaments and Stuff, Part 2

As the official liturgical season of Christmas draws to a close on Sunday, we will finish up the ornaments show here with this photo-dumping post.  .

The tree, of course, will stay up because we are too lazy because we like to keep the decorations around for the "forty days" until the Feast of the Presentation and the traditional day of blessing candles ("Candlemas") on February 2. More importantly, we will keep the Nativity scene in place just like they do in Saint Peter's Square in Rome.  .

This time is also usually the pre-Lenten season of Carnevale in Mediterranean and Latino cultures (perhaps best known in the USA as the season leading up to Mardi Gras in New Orleans). In 2019, however, "Fat Tuesday" is not until March 5 ... so, (who knows?) the tree's artificial life might be extended even further.  .

Before you know it, "Daylight Savings Time" will be back.😉 But anyway... here's more cool stuff from and around the tree:

And FINALLY this genuine piece of Peruvian folk art: About the size of your hand, with doors that open and close, this dyptich has a Nativity scene on the upper level and... I'm thinking shepherds and sheep and stuff on the lower level. Bright colors from a place where it's Christmas in the Summer!