Friday, March 15, 2019

March 14: First Feelings of Spring

Some real hints of Spring in the air. It even felt like Summer, though the "look" is still mostly Wintry bare.

We got lots of pics from a day by the Happy Creek:

Yes, the water is pretty low, the sun is unusually warm, and the vegetation is hibernating.

But wait! Somethings are waking up!

The big trees still sleep, like the Sycamore with its white bark so noticeable in Winter and so lovely in its own way.

Not many places to find shade on this day here in the Valley. I had to duck under a pine tree. The horse field nearby is bare but bright. Everything is showered in sunlight.

I am grateful to God to be alive. Lord, help me always to remember your goodness.

This was originally an Instagram video that made it to my YouTube channel. Reporting from "on the scene":