Wednesday, February 26, 2020

God's Love is the Measure

We have begun our annual season of penance and preparation for the celebration of the great mystery of our salvation, the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Last year's Lent seems vivid to me in this moment, encompassing as it did the long vigil of our family with my father during his last days, his death on April 3, and his burial in the hope of the resurrection. We continue to pray for him and entrust his soul to the mercy of God.

Sometimes I think I have "gotten used to" his passing from this life, but then other times it feels like it just happened and the sorrow hasn't diminished at all. It can be overwhelming.

In any case, this year's Lenten pilgrimage begins for me in a different way than ever before. It all seems more "concrete," somehow. My emotions are perplexed and I don't feel very strong. Jesus, have mercy on me!

Ultimately the mystery of God's love is the measure of everything.➕