Wednesday, May 13, 2020

Mother Mary Comes to Our Aid

May 13 commemorates two great interventions in 20th century history of the one who bore Jesus our Savior in her womb, our beloved ever Virgin Mary, the Mother of God. 

The Catholic Church observes the memorial of “Our Lady of Fatima” today, in honor of her first appearance to the shepherd children at Fatima, Portugal in 1917. Today is also the 39th anniversary of an event I remember very well, a moment of great drama, when a professional assassin (hired, ultimately, by the communist leadership of the Soviet Union) fired a perfect shot in St Peter’s Square, and what should have been a fatal bullet pierced the abdomen of the bishop of Rome. 

Saint John Paul II confessed his faith with his blood on May 13, 1981, but he didn’t die. Doctors were amazed that the bullet passed through him by unusual paths without lethal damage to any of his major organs. The Pope was convinced that Mary had saved his life. 

Indeed I think she did, for the sake of the Church and the world. 

No matter how bad things may be today, no matter how many problems we face, we are unimaginably better off than we would have been if Mother Mary had not come to our aid. Therefore, with confidence in her maternal love which flows from the victory of the Cross and Resurrection of her Son Jesus Christ our Lord, the Lord of the universe and of history, we will not be discouraged. Let’s pray the Rosary, live in hope... and don't worry!