Friday, October 16, 2020

Reality is an Event That Proceeds From An OTHER

Some texts from Msgr Giussani in our recent reading:

"Recognizing reality as deriving from the mystery should be familiar to reason, because precisely in recognizing what is real, just as it is, as God wanted it to be, rather than reduced, flattened out, without depth, we find a correspondence with the needs of our heart, and our innate capacity for reason and affectivity is fully realized. 

"For reason, owing to its own very original dynamic, cannot fulfill itself unless it recognizes that reality is rooted in mystery. Human reason reaches its apex, and so is truly reason, when it recognizes things for what they are, and things as they proceed from an Other."

In fact, this proceeding-from-an-Other means that everything that exists is constituted as an event. "The dynamic of event describes every instant of life: the flower in the field ‘which the Father clothes better than Solomon’ is an event; the ‘bird that falls’ and the heavenly Father knows it, ‘is an event;’ ‘the hairs on your head are numbered’ - they are an event. 

"Even heaven and earth, which have existed for a million centuries, are an event: an event that still occurs as something new, since their explanation is inexhaustible. To glimpse something greater in the relationship with everything means that the relationship itself is event.”

~Luigi Giussani