Friday, November 27, 2020

Thanksgiving in 2020: A Good Meal and a Kangaroo Too

There's not much to show from Thanksgiving, since the people I hang out with are just too cool to be photographed for the Old Man's blog. But we had a "greetings post" (bottom picture) and we had food! It was a lovely day, and I was reminded of how much there is to be grateful for.

Our gathering was just the four daughters and Uncle Walter. John Paul and Emily were at her family's house, and we got some "facetime" with them as well.

I suppose we bent the recommendations a little, but I think we're inside the reasonable limits. Everyone was what you could call a "regular" in the house. We ate all the usual (and delicious) Thankgiving fare, with the exception of the world's most popular Australian wine.

The family name of the owners of the winery is "Casella" and they are immigrants from Catania... just like my grandfather on my mother's side, Giovanni ("John") Casella. Perhaps these Australians are famiglia! In any case, they make a nice table wine.🍷😉

A kangaroo for Thanksgiving!