Wednesday, January 20, 2021

"An Anchor For the Soul"

This was an eventful day in my country. A peaceful and successful transition was achieved in the executive branch of our federal government.

Many unpredictable circumstances will contribute to how public affairs unfold in the coming months and years in relation to the various levels of USA government(s) and society. Obviously these matters will remain an ongoing source of attention, concern, constructive engagement when possible, and prayer for all of us here and throughout the world.

But more than enough has been said about these things. For our part as Christians, let us be always committed to truth and charity, to civility and dialogue, and to building up the good according to the responsibilties that have been entrusted to us in our daily lives.

For this, we have a firm place to stand, an "anchor of the soul" - Jesus, for whom we live. He has conquered sin and death, and as Lord of history he calls us to share in his victory, to place our trust in him as we live in our times, in our work, in our personal and social responsibilities, in our families and communities, as we endeavor to love God and our neighbor, struggle against obstacles, and endure suffering. 

This is also the Week of Prayer for Unity Among Christians, a matter of particular importance in these times of anxiety, uncertainty, and divisiveness that can pose a special challenge to our efforts to grow closer to one another in love, to be brothers and sisters.

In the Roman Catholic liturgy this week, the Collect is a simple prayer:

Less simple, perhaps, have been my attempts to virtually "illuminate" this prayer in my "digital scriptorium." Here are a few different examples that represent - if nothing else - a continuing learning process and a helpful exercize. In any case, appending them here allows them to be archived.