Wednesday, March 17, 2021

Saint Patrick’s Day

We have begun the “Feast Day Breaks” during Lent. The Solemnity of Saint Joseph is in two days, and then comes the great Solemnity of the Annunciation on March 25 (next Thursday), only four days before Holy Week begins.

Today is also a big day, especially if you are Irish, or if you live in the lands in the West that seem to be the Great Extension of the Emerald Isle, that are also known as the “United States of America”!😉

Happy Saint Patrick’s Day!


What does this mean for the Janaro clan (part Irish on my wife’s side of the family)? Well, the clan is spread around a wee bit more these days (and growing!), so we didn’t get to raise glasses together or sing songs.

But we did ask for the prayers of Saint Patrick here at home. And we ate good food with a touch of the green theme, as usual: the lovely “O’Ravioli” with spinach (green!) and a bit of parsley (green!) sprinkled with the cheese on top [picture 1, below].

Yes, there was also dessert! (What’s a “break” from Lent without dessert?) It was a lovely “Bailey’s Irish Cream” Cheesecake [picture 2, below].

Such things have a place too in our preparation for the celebration of Jesus’s victory over death. Small gifts such as these...