Wednesday, July 7, 2021

Parents and Children

The days are full of memories, as well as present events and promises for the future. Dad and Mom (“Papa and Grandma”) spent nearly all of their adult lives together, and now we prepare to entrust them both to the glory of God’s everlasting love.

Here are a few pictures from over the years. Dear beloved parents: we will always be grateful to you for who we are, who our son and daughters (a.k.a. Walter’s “nephew and nieces”) are becoming, and all they will give in turn to their children.

So much is happening, almost simultaneously, it seems. We move "from generation to generation" and it changes us. A new generation is beginning, which makes me want to honor all the more these precious people - my late parents and all our elders - without whom none of us would be here. They have educated us as persons, guided our freedom, contributed to the history of goodness in this world, and empowered us to be creative and - in turn - open new possibilities for those who are entrusted to us. 

Rest In Peace, Dad (+2019) and Mom (+2021). God bless our elders, those who have passed on and those who remain in this world. They deserve to be cherished, honored, and loved!

Thank you. We love you!❤❤