Tuesday, February 8, 2022

The Hope of Heavenly Grace


Here is the beautiful Collect Prayer from the liturgy for this week. 

We place our hope in the Lord's immense love, His "protection" and "unfailing care." He has poured out for us His "heavenly grace" through His Son Jesus Christ, who died and rose for us, who reveals the depths of God's love. Jesus sends the Holy Spirit to form us into children of the Father - His brothers and sisters - and He remains in our midst, He dwells with us in His Church. 

He travels the roads of the world and all of human history, and He calls every human person to Himself through our prayer and witness as members of His Body, and through the mysterious workings of the Holy Spirit in their hearts.

We rely "solely on the hope of heavenly grace," which is given to us and to the whole world through Jesus Christ the sole redeemer of humankind, the center of the cosmos and of history, the meaning and destiny of the life of every person.