Monday, July 11, 2022

Pictures From a Wedding

Introducing… the NEWLYWEDS:

The wedding of Lucia Janaro and Michael Rego was a wonderful event which we all enjoyed. With travel restrictions lifted everywhere this Summer, Eileen’s parents visited from California for a week, Mike’s extended family came from New Jersey, and friends from all around were in attendance.

Maria got a birthday cake at the reception, and then her own birthday party the next day. Lots of pictures were taken and shared, and I’m too exhausted from all of it to write anything now.

So it’s “picture time”!

Above is the most recent and most complete “Janaro-Family-Plus-Spouses-Plus-Granddaughter” photo. We are all here, and Maria looks like she’s enraptured by Aunt Lucia’s beautiful wedding dress.😉

Of course, a little princess also came to the ball…

Yay, Aunt Lucia! (No, you can’t have any beer.😉)

Maria's happy: "I have my own cake for my birthday!"

The “Elders” - Happy Uncle, Happy Dad.

Dad gives - believe it or not - a “brief” toast…

…and dances with the bride!

For the bride and groom, cake and kisses.😘 

May God give you many happy years!