Sunday, August 28, 2022

When We Following Jesus, We Grow in Life

Here is a segment of the text my friends and I have been working on for this week, from the 2022 Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity of Communion and Liberation. Abbot Mauro-Giuseppe says these words in particular that strike me:

“The encounter with Christ gives and proposes this; that is, everything. So, freedom faces a choice of Christ that is not limited to His words, doctrine, example to follow, love for the poor, the miracles He can do, and everything that you want. The choice of Christ is the choice of Him in the totality of His Person; that is, the choice of Him present, of Him asking to be present in all of my life, asking to be welcomed….” And “those who agree and begin to follow Him, well or badly, those who want to remain attached to Him at every step of life, grow! They grow in life, in their humanity, in all that the presence of Christ makes different, more beautiful, gladder, more intense, more mature, meeker and humbler, more courageous, more capable of tenderness, peace, and the courage to affirm the true and the just decisively, to affirm Him, even to die for Him. Those who agree and follow Him grow in the holiness that is the fullness of humanity made possible for everyone, in every state of life or condition, by Christ’s presence and love. There is nothing of humanity that Christ did not come to redeem and bring to fulfillment. For this reason, we need only Him.”