Sunday, September 4, 2022

The Mystery We Seek Has Come and Dwells With Us

Life is a search for the Mystery that gives meaning to everything.

And there is Someone who has come, who has revealed the ‘answer’ to the ‘need’ that constitutes the human heart, the core of the identity of every person - Someone who makes us exist, who loves us, and who calls out to and awakens our longing for fulfillment. The things of this present world are a wonder to us in the many ways they suggest, point toward, and hint at the promise of an Ultimate, inexhaustible Goodness beyond themselves, a Goodness wherein all things find their purpose and where we find the meaning of our lives. Our hearts are made to search for the paths toward this mysterious fullness.

And this is the good news: Someone has come who is this fullness in His person, who is the Mystery we long for, who is the way to the fulfillment for which we are created. It is Jesus Christ, who is present, who dwells with us, who accompanies each one of us and proposes Himself - relationship with Himself, belonging to Him and following Him who has been sent from the Father in the Holy Spirit - He is the “permanent,” the Infinite One, the source and fulfillment of all the desires that are awakened in our hearts by life, of all the longings for the Mystery for which we have been made. He is Love, Infinite Love, given to us, made flesh, who offers Himself, who wants to be loved by us. 

"Christ is so correspondent to what I am that when I encounter Him I can finally understand Whose presence I long for: that of One who tells me, 'I am the Mystery that is missing in every thing you enjoy, in every promise you live. Whatever you desire, try to attain, I am the Destiny of all that you do. You seek Me in all these things!'" (Luigi Giussani).