Friday, November 18, 2022

Maria is an Artistic GENIUS!☺️πŸ˜‰

Earlier this week, I stepped out of my “home office” to get some coffee from the kitchen, and I came upon the Artiste at work. Oh my, excuse me!

Maria wielded the green pencil with an adroit hand, and lines of emeralds poured out of its tip. Something grand was in the making. I decided this process was worth an effort in photographic journalism. [Poor Maria, hounded by paparazzi in her own family!]

But she kept scribbling without regard to my intrusions. I’m not sure what role “Clownie” played in the creative process. Was he a perspectival tool (covering one eye), or was he just there to be snuggled? “Clownie” is a second generation toy who “lives” at Nana’s and Papa’s house (he goes all the way back to her father’s babyhood, as well as her four aunts). Maria expects Clownie’s attendance upon her presence whenever she comes over, and so he’s usually nearby.

Finally, we had the completed work! The artist herself added texture at the end with some folding and… umm… crumpling.πŸ˜‰ However, the smiley face is clearly a different “style” from Maria’s more gestalt approach, and the words “the cat is fat” are obviously added by another hand (Aunt Jo?). These are problems we will leave for future scholarly debate.😜☺️