Friday, February 10, 2023

“Confidence in God’s Strength…”

“Human weakness must not trouble us if God calls…”

Ten years ago today was a Sunday, and I posted on my social media this quotation from the late Pope Benedict XVI’s Angelus Message for that day. He reminded us that God’s “strength…acts precisely in our poverty.” 

The very next day—Monday, February 11, 2013—Benedict shocked the world by announcing that God was calling him to resign the Papacy. In the decade that followed, he never wavered from his conviction that he had set aside the papal office in obedience to God’s will. 

Throughout his long life, Josef Ratzinger/Benedict XVI was a witness to the truth of human life as responsiveness to the call of God, free adherence to “the divine proposal, radical receptivity to the Gift that grounds all we are and all we do—the Gift that “transforms and renews” us, and is therefore worthy of our complete trust.