Monday, April 10, 2023

Christina Grimmie and the Resurrection

Young singer/songwriter/musician Christina Grimmie loved Easter, and joyfully shared her faith in the resurrection of Jesus. Today, Easter Monday, marks 6 years and 10 months since she was taken from this earthly life at the age of only 22. 

On the dark horizon of so much violence and death in today’s world, Christina’s giving of herself in love every day—and ultimately in the mercy of “welcoming a stranger”—shines like a bright beautiful star that continues to point to the hope of the resurrection.🎵💚

We are all human persons made to love and to be loved. We all seek the fulfillment of happiness and meaning, knowing it is beyond our power but hoping and longing to receive it as a Gift. Christina’s beautiful heart continues to be a sign that amazes us and speaks to our hearts the promise that there is “something more…”—her precious life continues to remind us that ultimate beauty is a gift, that absolute Love is a gift that endures beyond all hatred, violence, and destruction—and that we do not long for it in vain.