Monday, June 19, 2023

Our Suffering Gives Us Compassion For One Another

Here’s a vlog from beautiful Virginia after 8:30 PM on a June evening. It’s nice to enjoy what still seems to be unusually cool air for this time of year. Please forgive my slow speech; I’m not feeling very well lately, but the “brain fog” hasn’t been too dense (still, I’m frustrated with the way it slows me down).

Eh… It’s not so bad. A small thing. The whole world is burdened and heavy-laden with so many different kinds of suffering in body and in spirit. We can offer our small pains in union with Christ’s Heart, and help one another in ways  beyond anything we know. We can also stand as mysterious instruments of Christ’s saving love, remembering Him and crying out to Him on behalf of those who do not understand their suffering, those who are at war within themselves, those who inflict pain on themselves and others, those who are desperate and discouraged and in darkness. We all know something of what it’s like to be in that kind of pain because we are all sinners.

May the infinite mercy of God transform every kind of human anguish into prayer, into a cry that recognizes itself (by His grace) as an expression of our total need for Him. In this recognition we discover everything else—our own need for healing and forgiveness, our need for reconciliation, our need to make peace with our brothers and sisters and look upon them with compassion.