Wednesday, August 2, 2023

Pope Francis Arrives in Portugal for Youth Festival

Pope Francis addressed Portuguese government officials upon his arrival for the World Youth Day 2023 Festival. Among his many remarks, the Pope emphasized once again the need for inter-generational bonds, for the importance of the elderly, of our grandparents. Interpersonal and cultural “wealth” is more important than the multiplication of “disposable” consumer goods. In a “throwaway culture,” the the value of the elderly finds no place.

“We need to resume a dialogue between young and old…. The young must find their roots in the elders. Here, education is essential: an education that does not simply impart technical knowledge directed to economic growth, but aims to make the young part of a history, to pass on a tradition, to value our religious dimension and needs, and to favour social friendship” (Pope Francis, August 2, 2023).