Friday, April 5, 2024

The Mystery of Mercy Embraces Our Whole Humanity

For whatever reason[s], I'm feeling stiff and slow and tired and overwrought and confused as we approach the end of Easter Week. It's a physical thing, and there's nothing "new" about it. Rest usually clears things up, eventually. So, I shall try to get some rest.

Obviously, we have all been through tragic and difficult events. The weather has also been unseasonably cool and windy. When Spring finally comes to stay, it will bring some improvement for my tired old rheumatic beat-up Lyme-disease-damaged body (which includes the fog and the mush in my brain).

We're all provoked, I think, to let Jesus take over our minds and hearts more profoundly, to let the Spirit of the Risen Lord bring His healing mercy to the more hidden levels of our broken lives—the failures and limitations and stubbornness and resistance to God’s love and the fear and self-grasping that run so deeply in each of us, in our own personal history and our relations with one another.

Jesus is Risen from death. There are no "gaps" in our humanity that are too big for Him to fill.

Well, I'm too tired to say any more right now. Jesus, save me, save us! Have mercy on us! 

I shall never give up on the mystery of your mercy.