Monday, May 4, 2015

Colors of May

Cheery bold redbud,
shadowy evergreen,
wispy baby birch fingers
   dusted emerald yellow,
distant mountain aquamarine
   dulled in milky haze,
sun shifting open white folds of clouded sky.


Jeannie Ewing said...

Good morning, John! This looks very much like our landscape, except we unfortunately lack those gorgeous mountains in the distance! I've been admiring the flowering trees every time I go outside. God's creation always astounds me. Thanks for sharing this lovely photo!

John Janaro said...

Thanks for stopping by. The redbuds are already gone. Those bushes are green now. Trees are busy this week, which means allergies for me and some of the kids. It's not so bad, though. A bit of rain too.. I have new pictures with different skied that I need to share!