Friday, May 8, 2015

Josefina's First Holy Communion

Josefina after the Mass, with her Daddy.

This is 8 years earlier, before she had another setback
in the NICU. She was there the first 7 months of her
life. Many prayers brought her from then to today!
During this past year, Jojo was well prepared by John XXIII Montessori Center's Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program. Here is a picture of her working on the Last Supper and using the materials to see its relationship to the Mass of the present time.
Materials used in the Last Supper work.

She's perhaps the smallest in size of today's CGS first communion kids. Afterwards, we celebrated by having a lovely family dinner out.

Speaking of food, mine included this salmon and asparagus salad, and a beer that deserved (and got) a picture all it's own.

UPDATE: from May 10... Josefina wore her First Communion dress again on Sunday, so we were able to take a few more pictures. Let me post a couple of them here also.

Now we got Jojo with Daddy and Mommy both. And below, we have Jojo in the bright sunlight, next to the wall of the old church. She's less than twice as tall as the bushes! :-)


Jeannie Ewing said...

What kind of beer is that? My husband brews his own beer (and creates his own recipes), though I stick with wine. :) Congrats to "Jojo!" I've never heard of the Catechesis of the Good Shepherd program until this past week. I'll need to check it out for our girls.

John Janaro said...

It was called "Jefferson Bourbon Ale" and there was a touch of bourbon in the flavor, which was very nice. It's Virginia local, I think. :)

John Launder said...

Well done Jo Jo - you are a beautiful little member of a lovely family. God bless.