Thursday, May 28, 2015

Robins in Spring

Here's a vigilant, chirpy, and very busy robin. I wonder why? Hmmmm...

Aha! The robin (and I got tons of lovely, closeup shots of her) is caring for THE NEST!

Momma Robin is busy rustling up some LUNCH. Some folks will be grossed out by this picture, but this is just nature. This is what birds eat. And, as a fisherman of many years (though, alas, not recently) this looks very good to me. This looks like bait:

Looks like Momma has three baby robins. The furthest to our right is showing us a profile, with eye not yet opened. I hope y'all don't mind this "nature documentary" -- I'm just fascinated by all of this that's happening in our front yard. (And we're doing our best to make sure Reepicheep the cat stays away!)