Saturday, October 31, 2015

Dairy Products and Spiders, Ooooh!

Well it's Halloween again.

Not so long ago Mommy was dressing five little kids in cute and creative costumes. After a tour of the neighborhood, they would return with bulging sacks of goodies and sit at the dining room table admiring them and begging to eat "one more piece" tonight.

In recent years, Teresa and Jojo are the only dedicated treat seekers. But they did some major dressing up this year.

Teresa has had a cardboard box folded up in the dining room for a couple of weeks now. Turns out it was for her costume.

Ideas changed during the course of the day today. I thought she was going to turn herself into a walking TARDIS (that's "the Doctor's" time machine in Doctor Who, just in case there's anybody who doesn't know that these days). But apparently that was too complicated, and so she went as...

With Josefina, on the other hand, there was never any doubt. She made it known to everyone that she wanted a Spiderman costume for her birthday. Uncle Walter provided the gift and Mommy made the alterations.

Just like that, Jojo became her favorite web slinging hero:

Who is that masked little girl?