Tuesday, October 20, 2015

October's Early Evenings

Josefina has her own story, linked together with all of us.
The memories of days and weeks in October and early November pour over me. They are memories of life and death and a promise of resurrection. There is a taste of redemption in sorrow, but I don't know how to speak of it.

So I go for a walk. And Eileen says she'll come with me. I bring my camera to catch something of the early evening that is still light in October. The girls are studying.

Well, not all of them.

"Can I come too, can I come too??!!" It's the piccolo voice that, like everything about her, is small but full of volume and energy. She is very much a part of the story of October, and in a few days we will all remember her.

"Of course you can come!"

So Josefina comes with us. We walk toward the old manor and the horse fields near Happy Creek. I may not have words, but I do have pictures of the evening, and I will share them here.

Waxing Harvest Moon

Janaro House: green leaves will change quickly and then disappear in a few weeks. Still feels like summer, but it's only 6:30.

Mommy let me take her picture with her "preemie baby" of almost nine years ago.

Fields and manor and the sunlight beyond. Still thick green trees except for one going bald. It has been a warm season.

It will be like fire when it finally comes.

The sun disappears behind the hills by 7:00 PM. The sky certainly has some color.