Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Stay in Front of Jesus

Last Sunday we read the Gospel of Mark 10:17-27, the encounter between Jesus and the "rich young man." Mark's account is the only one of the three Synoptics that includes the detail that Jesus, "looking on him, loved him" (10:21). There is some speculation (fueled by other New Testament references which I won't go into here) that the "rich young man" was in fact Mark himself, the future evangelist.

Saint Mark, as we know, later became one of the first Christians and the companion of Saint Peter. Many of the details of his Gospel originate with Peter's testimony, but here he may have supplied one from his own experience.

I have been rereading an interesting BOOK (and I finally got the KINDLE EDITION downloaded on my own gadgets) that has some other things to say about this Gospel story. Here it is:

by John Janaro (also available in Kindle)