Thursday, June 16, 2011

Day Three

Day three is over. It's time to go to bed.

Josefina kept me busy doing puzzles all evening. She invents her own games out of puzzles, but they don't quite make sense. I tried to just nod my way through, but then she would say, "NOOO! That's not right."

Then there is the task of getting her to sleep. Usually she just drops off. Tonight she wants to stay up late. She keeps asking, "what time is it?" It's not because she cares about the time. It's because she always hears other people asking that question. She's funny like that.

Her development is still a little behind; there are aspects of her that are still in transition from toddlerhood, while in other ways she is definitely spreading her wings. Her vocabulary and pronunciation need to catch up with her mind. Still we have been assured that her development is on track. She certainly doesn't lack for determination to do what she wants, and for such a little person she has tremendous vocal power to express her dissatisfaction when she doesn't get her way.

Meanwhile, the other girls have been squabbling, and John Paul is not feeling well, and the house is a wreck. Eileen says on the phone that she has a lot of work (as I knew she would). I hope she'll be able to study in this crazy house over the weekend. We'll make it happen, somehow. We are going to get this done.

Lord give us all good sleep
and heal the wounds of this day.
Refresh our spirits
and let us awake
to praise You in the freshness
of tomorrow's youth.
One day is enough for us.
One day's troubles suffice for our strength,
for we are small and weak
and wilt with the coming of night.
More than the span of a day
is beyond our power.
So take us, Lord, into Your Heart
and let us know the promise
of Your rest.