Friday, June 10, 2011

Openness To Conversion

For tonight, just some words from Fr. Julian Carron, International "Responsabile" of the movement of Comunione e Liberazione, from this year's Spiritual Exercises of the Fraternity of CL, which I am reading in these days:

We feel no greater need than that of asking, praying for the openness to 
conversion. Each of us knows very well how we resist this conversion, how 
often our heart is hardened, how much we are unwilling deep down to let 
ourselves be attracted by Him. The more we are aware of this, of this war 
we are engaged in, and of our fragility and weakness, the more we feel the 
need to ask the Spirit that He be the One to wash what is soiled, water what 
is arid, and heal what is wounded.