Thursday, August 4, 2011

"The Old Media"--Still The Real Thing

I was on the radio today.

I did an interview on a program called "Meet the Author" on Radio Maria network. They have actual stations in numerous states. Remember radio stations? You know, you could pick them up on a gadget like that thing on the left.

Of course, they also have a website and a webcast. Everyone I know of so far heard the program on the internet. But someone, somewhere, heard me on the radio.

Wow. I'm famous.

Actually, that's not accurate. This was not my first radio program. I was already famous before this broadcast. And I've been in the newspaper too! And, in the summer issue of Faith & Family Magazine there is an article (!) about me and Eileen and the kids and our adventures in these recent, troubled years. Then of course there is the book itself. A real book. Not available on Kindle.

Maybe it's just a prejudice of my generation, but the old media still seem more "real" than the new media. I write all the time on the new media. I might reach more people on the new media on a given day than I did on that radio broadcast. Still, the radio seems more "solid." So does a magazine. It's an odd feeling. We are in the midst of a change in the way we look at media and the alleged "fame" that it brings with it. Whether this is good or bad I don't know.

I know this: old media or new media, the desire that moves me is to communicate with people. That's what matters. I think I have something to give.

Someone called in to the radio program who has been disabled 16 years. My heart goes out to all those people whose suffering is so much greater than my own. Jesus have mercy on the sick, especially those who are alone in their pain. O Jesus, enter that solitude with your mercy.

I have been blessed and supported in so many ways. I pray that God would use me as His instrument to praise His mercy. In Your way, Lord. Your will be done.