Saturday, August 27, 2011

A Place Of Friendship

One of the miracles of the Church is friendship. When we meet real brothers and sisters in Christ, and we perceive their love for Him, we know that we already share the most profound and most all-encompassing Reality in common. It opens up a space in which we are free to be ourselves, to be human, and thus to discover "communion" with one another--a real human connection--because He is human and all of our humanity belongs to Him. This discovery of friendship reminds us again that He is Real, that He is alive, that He is with us.

The grace of the living Presence of Christ accompanies and forms a real human path of friendship, a path in which modesty and the awareness of one's own dignity join with joy, cordiality, and openness to build a common sharing of life which helps us to remember eternity because it is destined to endure for eternity. We remind one another of eternity, of our Destiny, and in this way we build one another up, we really help one another.

We can’t live Christianity alone. We can't be human alone.

We need this companionship. Thus, Jesus will always find new ways to bring His people together and help them to build one another up. He has created us to be together forever with Him, and so we must strengthen one another in the heart as we perceive in one another that common destiny for which our hearts are made.