Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Teresa Turns Nine

Today is a happy day for our family. Teresa Janaro, our fourth child, is nine years old today. Happy birthday Teresa! My dear, affectionate, and exceptionally friendly girl has only been in the world for nine years? That amazes me, since I can't imagine the world without her. On the other hand, so many events that preceded her birth seem like they happened just yesterday. Time is a mysterious thing.

Those who have read this chronicle know that Teresa had some health problems over the summer. I am happy to say that she is doing very, very well in recent months. She is full of the enthusiasm for life that she has had ever since she was a baby, and the charm of her personality and her warm heart attract many friends. Teresa is our "society girl," and has even begun to get phone calls from her friends, inviting her to some party or just to come over to play. Her spontaneous and sympathetic nature make her ready to be friends with anyone. I thank God that we have a positive environment and good companions to offer her as a context for spreading her little wings.

I remember when she was small enough to fit on my lap. Then she perched next to me. Now she has grown to show signs of the lovely young woman she will soon be. Happy birthday Teresa.