Friday, December 2, 2011

We Entrust Everything To You

·          Dear Mother Mary,
Ever-Virgin, Immaculate One,
You are a special sign and reminder to us
of the personal love that God has for us.

Dear Mother,
protect us and watch over us,
and may we be secure
in the folds of your mantle,
in the crossing of your arms,
in that tender and particular maternal love,
in that vigorous energy, intelligence, and attention
of your woman's heart.

Thank you, God, for having created the Woman
in Your Image and Likeness,
and having placed in her heart
that special tenacity in the fight against evil,
and on behalf of the good of the persons
You have entrusted to her.
Strengthen the great hearts of women in our society,
and bring their brothers to stand side by side with them
in the struggle and the joy of life.

And thank you God for the Blessed Virgin Mary,
special sign and instrument
of Your tenderness toward each of us.
Help us to remember to entrust ourselves to Mary.

Dear Mary, Merciful Mother
We entrust everything to you.
Make us grow strong in your maternal heart.