Thursday, January 26, 2012

Live Not By Lies

In front of life, I seek the positive, I try to pay attention and listen, to help build up what is good, and to share the sufferings of others.

I do not condemn anyone.

But there is some Evil Thing--"THE LIE"--working deeply in this culture, and we must stand and fight it, entrusting ourselves entirely to Jesus, and with love in our hearts.

It must be a love for every human person, which means an unrelenting rejection of this evil which afflicts the human person. In our society, there is open distortion and manipulation in the media, in politics, and in the laws themselves that emanate from powers within the government.

The prophetic words of Alexander Solzhenitsyn apply to our culture today: "Live not by lies!" Relying on the grace of Christ, let us each--according to our own vocations--fight "THE LIE". We can only do this with Jesus, and Mary.

Jesus I trust in You!