Monday, July 9, 2012

Long Summer Days

Home again for a week now.

Everyone is still sleeping late except for me. But I am grateful our family is together. And in these long summer days, I try to remember that we belong to a Beauty and a Greatness that are beyond anything we can express.

Jesus never forgets us, even when our minds and our plans are far from Him. And thank God it's not just a myth, or a nice story, or a "system" that we fashion to try to organize our lives.

Jesus really loves us. He really loves our destiny: me, and Eileen, and John Paul, and Agnese, and Lucia, and Teresa, and Josefina--we are real persons created and loved by God, who have a real destiny that He is working to bring about, in the midst of all of our flaws and the messes we make.

Jesus came to love the destiny of each one of us, and He remains in the Church, in the Eucharist, and in the grace through which He draws our hearts. He is here, to communicate God's love to us, and to bring us to our true fulfillment as persons. When I look at my family, I must remember these things.