Sunday, July 22, 2012

Magdalen: The Vocation of Every Christian

Even if her feast does fall on a Sunday this year, we can't pass by unnoticed the great St. Mary Magdalen. Jesus entrusted the message of His Resurrection to the witness of a woman, the first of the "myrrh-bearing women" who stood with Him at the Cross and continued to love Him even in death.

The Byzantine Church honors her with the title of isapostolos ("equal to the apostles"). She is one who loved greatly, and she exemplifies the fundamental, common vocation given to every Christian: the vocation to love Him. So often in the history of the Church, women have pointed to Him, and have taught us all how to love.

Kontakion (Byzantine Liturgy):

Let us all sing a hymn of praise
and a special canticle
to the disciple of Christ,
Mary Magdalen,
the first ointment-bearing woman;
for she was a messenger of joy
to the disciples.
Let us praise the God of all
who lavishes upon us
and upon the world such a fountain
of wonders and miracles.