Tuesday, September 24, 2013

New Series: "What I Wore On Monday"

Weird weather as the year grows old
Writing has become even more laborious and exhausting than ever. Its more than just the formatting of pictures and the business of putting together a "catchy" blog entry. Its the writing itself. I'm having trouble getting the words out. Its not just plain "writer's block" because I usually succeed in saying what I want to say. The problem is that it takes so long and leaves me so drained.

I know that this is the time of "weather change" -- sunlight decreases and shifts position in the sky, temperatures become cooler, humidity and barometric pressure go up and down, its cloudy, its damp, the mornings are suddenly dark, the baseball season comes to an end....

I need some BRAIN-O to unclog these neuropathways.

Maybe I should have "theme days." It works for the "Mommy-bloggers." How about What I Wore on Monday, haha. Lets see, I wore a purple tee shirt with one of those little pockets on the chest. (Why the pocket? You can't put anything into it, and besides, the reason why you wear a tee shirt is because you don't need pockets. You're not going to a board meeting! You're bumming around the house.)

Anyway, a purple tee shirt; really its kind of "hippie purple"... actually it may have originally been blue but experienced a color alteration when I threw it in with the hot-water-and-bleach white laundry by mistake. (Never let me near the laundry, ever, ever! Ehh, I guess there's some purple underwear around here somewhere....)

I set off my hippie-purple tee with some navy blue workout pants made of cotton fabric. These cozy, loose fitting pants are great for working out or going for a nice, brisk five mile run. They're even better for flopping around the living room and doing the absolute minimum amount of physical exercise required by a sentient human being.

Don't you just love the purple and blue ensemble? (That should be pronounced onnn-SOMMM-bluuh with appropriate lip contortions.) I wanted that random, "I-don't-care-I'll-wear-whatever-is-on-the-top-of-the-pile" guy look... you could call it "bachelor nostalgia." Bottom it off with a fresh new pair (no holes!) of white, cotton athletic socks. (Yes, I just bought some. They were on sale!)

This outfit gives off a light and casual resonance: it says, "really, all I did was hang around in my pajamas all day!"

Its a very comfy outfit for Mondays, which are often at-home days spent reading, answering correspondence, and engaging in creative procrastination while a six year old climbs on my back or tries to rearrange parts of my face.

Go work on your math, or whatever...!