Friday, April 28, 2017

The "Written Word" Goes Around the World

There are all these creative possibilities for communication that have developed or have been refined in the past six years, and here I am... still blogging.

Maybe I should do more videos or something.😜 But whatever I do, I'll keep writing. Writing remains powerful and irreplaceable.

The development of written languages was the original "social media revolution." Ironically, the explosion of "new media" technology, far from replacing the written word, has expanded its use in all sorts of ways.

The "basic blog" is practically old fashioned. I am working (slowly) with pushing my limits in some other areas. Nevertheless, when I was on my high school newspaper staff doing "paste-up" in 1979 we never would have imagined something like the "basic blog" in our wildest dreams. If we ever even thought of such a wildly distant year like 2017 (!) we assumed there would be colonies in space, with artificial environments that functioned according to the intricate calibrations of ENORMOUS computers!! 😳

As it turned out, we're still imagining space. Meanwhile we fill the earth with our thoughts and pictures and sounds and we have become masters of the craft of communication.

Still, from blogs to comboxes to Twitter and Facebook to memes to messaging to online journalism to Amazon (books? bigger. than. ever.) to Wikipedia, Gutenberg, etc to the amazingly resilient e-mail -- the written word is everywhere like never before in history. As with the development of all human things, we can see in writing today new levels of the good, the bad, and the ugly.

That's all the more reason for people who aspire to the good to "stay in the game"!